Nyango sent this song with the note, "I just recorded a little chant we did as kids to help us work. In fact, I need to collect some of the working songs we sang as kids to make the work go faster and easier.

The one I just did is in West African Pidgin English and goes:"


Nyango wrote, "e repeat adjectives/words to emphasize the size or severity of the word. So, 'small small ting' will be a very tiny object like a bottle cover or button and 'big big ting' is a very big object or thing like a piece of wood or an empty can. And notice, in Pidgin English, there is no 'h' sound in thing; it is ting. Some people say 'ting' and others say 'tin' for the same word: thing."



Many thanks to Nyango M. Nambangi of the Minnesota African Women's Association for contributing and sing this song for us.