Hui Wen Goh wrote:

Hi Lisa,

I have recorded Burung Kakak Tua (under Malaysia) as an MP3 format, and I have also included below the lyrics of Chan Mali Chan, which is a very popular Malaysian folk tune, which I have recorded the first two verses, together with the chorus. :)

I really admire what you're doing with this website. I use your site as a resource when I teach folk music to students.

Hui Wen Goh

According to the blog whereinsoever, this song: " a teasing courting love song. in the malay culture, metaphors such as ketipung, payung, intan and bunga tanjung are used as references to someone lovely and precious." Check out the blog to read more about this song.



Many thanks to Hui Wen Goh for contributing, translating and singing this song!