Ramadan and Eid’l Fitr in Indonesia with a YouTube Video

I asked Lin from Indonesia about Ramadan and Eid’l Fitr. Here’s what she wrote…

Eid’l Fitr is the closing of Ramadhan, celebrating the winning of ‘fighting’ ourselves during Ramadhan month. During Ramadhan month, we don’t eat, drink, smoking etc. We also don’t do anything bad, instead we need to worship and be good to God and other people (not just to other Muslims), as many as possible. We introspect during that month. We recharge ourselves every year so we hope that then we’ll be a better and better person.

There are also some ‘magical’ events in Ramadhan, such as the first, second and third one third period of the month and ‘thousand-month night’.

Explanation from IslamOnline.net: “The first third of the month of Ramadan is the time for rahmah (mercy), the second third is for forgiveness, the third is for the release from Hell-fire…”

Explanation from Wikipedia: ‘Thousand-month night’… “is the anniversary of the night Muslims believe the first verses of the Quran were revealed to the Islamic prophet Muhammad.”

Lin continued…

I know many simple and happy/sweet songs related to Ramadhan and Eid’l Fitr. I attach the links for few of them…

Lebaran sebentar lagi (Eid’l Fitr is coming)

Lyrics: Lebaran sebentar lagi

Arti Puasa (The meaning of fasting)

Ada anak bertanya pada bapaknya (There’s a son asking his dad some questions.)

I hope you find them entertaining, Lisa.

P.S. Indonesia also has many different traditions of welcoming Ramadhan and Eid’l Fitr events in every region. Even in Java Island we have many traditions, not to mention other islands ;) And, I am so interested to know much about what people do during Ramadhan and Eid’l Fitr in other countries, like India, Africa, China or other regions :D

Feel free to share your Ramadhan and Eid’l Fitr traditions in the comments below. I’d also be happy to post photos.

Happy Holidays!

Mama Lisa

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