Can Someone Help with the Indonesian Song “Bengawan Solo”?

Gerard wrote:


Is there somebody who can tell us the beautiful words in the Indonesian language of the song Bengawan Solo?

Thanks a lot.
Have a nice day. Gerard

If anyone can help with these lyrics, and/or an English translation, please let us know in the comments below.

Thanks in advance!


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2 Responses to “Can Someone Help with the Indonesian Song “Bengawan Solo”?”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Here are the lyrics as found on wikipedia:

    Bengawan Solo – Solo River
    Riwayatmu ini – Thus your chronicles
    Sedari dulu jadi – Have been since earliest times
    Perhatian insani – Of sentient attention

    Musim kemarau – In the dry season
    Tak seb’rapa airmu – Your water is not much
    Di musim hujan, air – In the rainy season, water
    Meluap sampai jauh – Spills reaching far distances

    Mata airmu dari Solo – Your water springs forth from Solo
    Terkurung Gunung Seribu – Surrounded by a thousand mountains
    Air mengalir sampai jauh – Water flows to reach far distances
    Akhirnya ke laut – Eventually to the sea

    Itu perahu – That boat
    Riwayatmu dulu – In your past chronicles
    Kaum pedagang s’lalu – The merchant folks had always
    Naik itu perahu – Sailed in such boats

  2. SInjoh Jim Says:

    I love the old Indo songs, as I was born there. If any body can help me with more old songs from Indonesia, I will appreciate it. Including de gigit jamuke my spelling might not be right.

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