Cecilia sent us this song with the note: "This is a little old song. It's about an old train that used to run between these cities: when Lima (Capital of Peru) used to be small and connected to Callao (a port and city). Hope you like it!"

Game Instructions

Cecilia explained how to play this game: We sing this song, holding hands, or crisscrossing arms from the back. Then go jumping-walking forward with each word (total 8) and on "un paso pa' tras" you jump back 4 times.

You go jumping or walking, making steps as marked below, 1 to 8 forward, and then 9 to 12 backing up:

Jumping Forward:
Ferro(1)carril(2), carril(3), carril,(4)
de Lima(5) a Callao(6), Callao(7), Callao.(8)

Backing Up:
un paso (9) pa' tras(10),
pa' tras(11), pa' tras.(12)

You keep on going as many times as you want just for the fun of running around!

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Cecilia Campos Siuffe and Daniel Siuffe for contributing and translating this song and for the game instructions.

¡Muchas gracias!