Peruvian Carols

Henry wrote asking for help finding Peruvian Christmas Carols. Here’s what he wrote:

Hello Lisa,

I just listen the Peruvian carol played by orchestra. The south American rhythm is catching. I’ve already learn to play on the piano.

Do you have more Peruvian carols somewhere so i can learn? (or even their scores?) I am coming to Peru on the 5th on November spending Christmas in Cuzco. Living with a family i don’t know yet and it would be nice to be able to play something of the Peruvian origin. What do you think?


This is what we found so far:

Here’s a Peruvian carol with lyrics and video called Allá baja Jesucristo – it’s really nice and Andes sounding!

From this page you can listen to many other villancicos (carols) and find the lyrics by putting the title into Google.

For the scores, we haven’t found any, but we found some tunes online.

Here are some other Peruvian carols we have online:

Ya viene el Niñito
Señor San José

If anyone can share with any other Peruvian carols, please comment below.


Mama Lisa

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