Nile, Niger is a song listing the main rivers of Africa...


*Azikiwe & Awolowo were Nigerian Politicians of the 1960s.
**Nyango wrote, "This line is probably from an African language." Later, Yvonne from Nigeria wrote, "…It is a Nigerian song hence why the heads of state named are Nigerian and why the song has Igbo parts to it. Igbo is the third largest tribe in Nigeria."

If anyone can help translate the Igbo line (or complete the song - we believe there's more to it), please email me. Thanks! Mama Lisa


We believe this song is originally from Nigeria.

Nyango wrote, "There was a lot of cross-over of songs and other popular expressions between Nigeria and Cameroon because of the British presence in both countries in the pre-independence days and shortly after, with teachers from either country serving in the other - my parents were teachers in Nigeria for a few years before returning home to Cameroon - and other administrators, soldiers, etc. serving in either country."

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Nyango Melissa Nambangi of the Minnesota African Women's Association for contributing this song and for clarifying its meaning and to Yvonne for commenting on it.

Thanks so much!