"A very popular song with mothers, sung by moonlight as they feed their babies..." -Dr. Gummaraju

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Author: Taḷḷapāka Annamācārya or Annamayya (1408 – 1503) 


Dr. Gummaraju, who sent this song, wrote, "...We belong to a cultural/language group called Telugu which is from south India and although unique, shares a lot with other Indian cultures. It has 75 million speakers and its literature is more than a thousand years old. In the 20th century the Telugu diaspora has spread over the world including many Telugu speakers in the USA, mostly in the medical or information technology fields. Niccolo Conti, a 16th century Italian traveler in India, called it 'Italian of the East' because he noticed that Telugu is the only language other than Italian where every word ends in a vowel! This gives the language an enchanting lilting quality when spoken."

Computerized Text

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చందమామ రావే జాబిల్లి రావే

చందమామ రావే - జాబిల్లి రావే
కొండెక్కి రావే - గోగుపూలు తేవె
బండెక్కి రావే - బంతిపూలు తేవే
తేరు మీద రావే - తేనె పట్టు తేవే
పల్లకిలో రావే - పాలు పెరుగు తేవె
ఆడుకుంటు రావే - అరటిపండు తేవే
అన్నింటిని తేవే - మా అబ్బాయి కియ్యవే



Rhyme's Audio by : Midhun Kumar Allu.
Many thanks to Midhun for singing this song!

Image: Chandra, the Moon (19th century).

Please let us know if you think this video has been taken down by YouTube.
Please let us know if you think this video has been taken down by YouTube.

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Dr. Srinivas Gummaraju for contributing and translating this lullaby.