Greetings around the World with Gestures


People around the world have different ways of greeting using their bodies.  Here are some with videos to see how they’re done…

India – Touching Adults Feet

Younger people touch the feet of their elders to ask for blessings. In the return, the elder touches the younger one’s head while giving their blessing.

Thailand – The Wai Gesture

The Wai gesture is done in greeting in formal situations and with elders.  Put hands together (like you’re praying) at chest level, elbows down and bow the head and say "Sawatdi kha" (women) or "Sawatdi khrap" (men).

Learn how and when to do the Wai gesture in the video below.

There are similar greetings in Laos and Cambodia called nop (ນົບ) and sampeah (សំពះ).

Here’s how and when to perform the sampeah in Cambodia…

Shona – South Africa – Clapping or Thumps Up

Watch the Video below to see when to clap and what to say for greeting different people in Shona in the video below.

New Zealand – Maori Greeting – The Hongi

Touch noses and foreheads together with eyes closed to show respect. You can see how to do this gesture in the video below.

Tibet – Sticking Your Tongue Out

This is considered a polite greeting. You can see this greeting in the movie clip below.

Learn more greetings around the world here.

Please feel free to teach us your greetings in the comments below.

Bye (wave)!

Mama Lisa

Image: Cambodian Sampeah (greeting gesture) by Naole

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