Can Anyone Help with a Tamil Game Song called Oru kodam thanni?


We came across a Tamil game called “Oru kodam thanni” while collecting singing games similar to “London Bridge is Falling Down”. In this type of game, two kids stand opposite each other and make an arch with both hands up in the air. The rest of the group forms a line and goes under the arch. Whoever is under the arch at the end of the song gets caught by the two kids making the arch.

The Tamil singing game is called Oru kodam thanni – ஒரு குடம் தண்ணி

It’s a counting song so each verse/line goes up a number until you get to ten. Here’s the first line of the song:

இரண்டு குடம் தண்ணி ஊத்தி, இரண்டு பூ பூத்ததாம்
(Oru kudam thanni oothi ore poo poothadhaam)


After pouring one bucket of water, one flower flowered.

If anyone can help with providing the rest of the text that counts up to ten, please email me. We’d also love to learn about the game that takes place once the child is captured. Thanks in advance for any help! -Mama Lisa

Image: By Sengai Podhuvan – சொந்த முயற்சி, CC BY-SA 3.0.

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  1. Saranraj Says:

    Yes I know the words of this song till 10 in Tamil and would be glad to help.

  2. Saranraj Says:

    I am well versed with the Tamil language and can help with this rhyme.

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