Stille Nacht was written as a poem by Joseph Mohr in 1816 and set to music by his friend Franz Gruber in 1818. The original version consisted of verses one, two and six below.

The English translation below comes directly from the original lyrics in German. It's different from the version that's commonly known in the English-speaking world as Silent Night.

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Thanks to Matt Huffman for singing this song for us! Matt wrote: "Attached is a barbershop arrangement of the song auf Deutsch which I recorded today for you."


Recording of voice and guitar accompaniment by Kristel Tretter.

Sheet Music

Sheet Music - Stille Nacht

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Thanks to Edward M. Gawlinski for contributing this song, for the midi tune and for sending us sheet music. Many thanks to Christina Weising for her French translation. English translation by Tatie Monique and Mama Lisa.

Image: Birth of Jesus by Geertgen tot Sint Jans (c. 1490).