Ms. Nambangi wrote, "Call and response style song. This song is performed by kids during the Christmas season, where adults give money and treats to children. A child wears a mask and a costume that marks it as a "juju" = masquerade. The group goes round singing this song. When you like the juju's dance, you are supposed to give it, and the dancers, some money."


*O-cocorico - generally thought to be the name of that particular juju
**Ewah! - just a sound of agreement or encouragement
***Saying "salute", this generally means, "give the juju some money", that is the traditional way of "greeting" the masquerade.
****This response suggests that it is the man who searches his pocket who says that, but it is actually sung by the rest of the "juju" group. They will sing this even if the person gives money, but they will say thank you while they move on to entertain the next home.

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Ms. Melissa Nambangi of the Minnesota African Women's Association for this song, the translation, and the helpful explanations and comments.

Thank you very much!