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Here is an alternate translation...

Little little toddler of mine,
What are you doing in my garden,
You're picking all the little flowers,
And making quite a mess.

Oh, sweet little mummy,
Please don't tell my little daddy,
I will be good and go to school,
And leave the little flowers alone.

Kirsten says the following... "The reason for the ample use of 'little' is that the ending '-je' in Dutch means 'little', and it is often used to make a song sound sweeter. A literal translation is given. (In the 2nd translation.)"



Thanks to F. S. for the recording!

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Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Carla van de Geer for contributing this preschool song. Thanks also to Kirsten Kerkhof for providing the 2nd translation.

Dank u wel!