French Hello Song “Bonjour” with MP3

Hello songs are a wonderful way to help children who are learning a foreign language. It’s also nice for children to always sing the same song at the beginning of a class. Hello songs are great for this.

The song below is called “Bonjour”. It’s a French hello song written and sung by Alain Le Lait. Sit back and enjoy the song by clicking the MP3 below. You can read along with the lyrics in French, followed by an English translation by Alain…

MP3 of Bonjour

(French Lyrics)

Bonjour, bonjour
Comment ça va?
Bonjour, bonjour
Très bien, merci
Je suis content d’être ici
Avec tous mes petits amis
Bonjour, bonjour
Comment ça va?

Merci, merci
Merci d’être ici
Merci, merci
Aimez-vous cette chanson?
J’espère que je suis dans le ton
Merci, merci
Merci d’être ici

(English Translation)

Hello, hello
How are you?
Hello, hello
Very well, thank you
I am happy to be here
With all my little friends
Hello, hello
How are you?

Thank you, thank you
For being here
Thank you, thank you
Listen up
Do you like this song?
I hope that I am in tune
Thank you, thank you
For being here.

The French and English lyrics to this “Bonjour” song are © 2003 Alain Le Lait.

Alain Le Lait is a French native who grew up near Paris, France. He moved to the United States in the 1970s and now lives in Colorado. Alain writes and performs easy to learn children’s songs in French, Spanish and English. Check out his site to hear samples of his music and to buy his CD’s or mp3’s. Soon we’ll be posting Alain’s version of Alouette!

Merci Alain!

Mama Lisa

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3 Responses to “French Hello Song “Bonjour” with MP3”

  1. la premiere seance! « Eton Porny parle francais! Says:

    […] Here is the link to the song (careful, it’s very catchy!): […]

  2. Joanne Ladd (Mother Goose) Says:

    I love your warning to be careful…it’s very catchy…
    because it surely is!

    this is a most glorious way to learn another language
    tres bien, merci

  3. sky irish Says:

    goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood song

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