Two French Goodbye Songs with Recordings

I was recently asked for a Goodbye Song in French. While looking for a song I found out that some French school teachers use the French version of Auld Lang Syne, “Ce n’est qu’un au revoir”, as a Goodbye Song. It’s a Scout song that’s also called “Le chant des adieux”. When teachers use it as a Goodbye song, they sing the 1st two verses. Here they are in French with an English translation….

Faut-il nous quitter sans espoir
Sans espoir de retour ?
Faut-il nous quitter sans espoir
De nous revoir un jour ?

Ce n’est qu’un au revoir, mes frères,
Ce n’est qu’un au revoir.
Oui, nous nous reverrons, mes frères,
Ce n’est qu’un au revoir.

Here’s a literal English translation by Monique Palomares…

Must we leave each other without a hope
To see each other again some day
Must we leave each other without a hope
A hope of return

It’s only a goodbye, my brothers
It’s only a goodbye,
Yes, we’ll see each other again, my brothers
It’s only a goodbye.

Here you can hear the whole song…

Another Goodbye Song we have here today was written and sung by Alain Le Lait. It’s in French and English. Sit back and enjoy the song by clicking the MP3 below. You can read along with the lyrics in French and English…

Listen to Alain’s French Goodbye Song

Au revoir
by Alain Le Lait

Au revoir, good bye,
Now it is time for me to go away.
Au revoir, good bye,
But I wish I could stay with you all day.

Thanks for your smiles
And for singing along
I hope to see you again before too long.

Au revoir, good bye,
Il se fait tard et je dois m’en aller
Au revoir, good bye,
Mais j’aimerais rester toute la journée
Pour vos sourires et vos bien jolies voix
Je vous remercie et a une autre fois.

Au revoir, good bye,
Au revoir, good bye,
Au revoir, good bye.

(English Translation of French Verse)

Good bye, good bye
It’s getting late and I must go
Good bye, good bye
But I’d like to stay with you all day
For all your smiles and your pretty voices
I thank you and I’ll see you another time.

The French and English lyrics to this “Au revoir” song are © 1994 Alain Le Lait.

Alain Le Lait is a French native who grew up near Paris, France. He moved to the United States in the 1970s and now lives in Colorado. Alain writes and performs easy to learn children’s songs in French, Spanish and English. Check out his site to hear samples of his music and to buy his CD’s or mp3’s.

Merci Alain & Monique!

Feel free to share any French Hello or Goodbye songs you know in the comments below.

Mama Lisa

PS Here are some other Hello and Goodbye Songs…

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3 Responses to “Two French Goodbye Songs with Recordings”

  1. Kerling Eldred Says:

    Dear Alain,

    I truly love this song “Au Revoir”. I teach French and Sign Language at different preschools, and the kids love the song. I would like for the kids to sing it at our end of the year program, but I am having a hard time finding someone to play the guitar for me. do you by any chance have just the music recorded with your permission I can record it, and use it to have the children perform with it? I would really appreciate it if you can make that available to us. My first perform is in a few days (5/12/10).

    Thank you,
    Kerling Eldred

  2. nasim Says:

    merci .c’est tres interessant


    wow j’aime le chanson. it’s very interesting,i’ll like to use it at my student end of the year program if permitted. merci.

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