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Mango Time
(Jamaican Folk Song)


Turpentine, Robin Mango, Number 11 and Hairy-skin are all types of mangos.

Mango Time
Mango Time
Folk Song
(Jamaican Creole)
Folk Song

Mango Time - Jamaican Children's Songs - Jamaica - Mama Lisa's World: Children's Songs and Rhymes from Around the World, Intro Image

Mi nuh drink coffee tea - mango time
Care how nice it may be - mango time
In the heat of the mango crop
When di fruit dem a ripe an' drop
Wash yu pot, tun dem dung - mango time.

De terpentine large an fine, mango time
Robin mango so sweet, mango time
Number eleven an hairy skin
Pack di bankra an ram dem in
For di bankra mus' full, mango time.

Mek wi go a mango walk, mango time
For is only di talk mango time
Mek wi jump pon di big jackass
Ride im dung an no tap a pass
Mek di best a di crop, mango time.

I don't drink coffee, tea - mango time
Don't care how nice it may be - mango time
In the heat of the mango crop
When the fruit they're ripe and drop
Wash your pot, turn them down - mango time.

The Turpentine large and fine - mango time
Robin Mango so sweet - mango time
Number Eleven and Hairy-skin
Pack the basket* and ram them in
For the basket must be full - mango time.

Let's go on a mango walk** - mango time
For it's only the talk - mango time
Let's jump on the big jackass
Ride him down and don't stop to pass
Make the best of the crop - mango time.


*In this case it's the type of basket that hangs over the side of a donkey.
**Mango walk can mean orchard - I wonder if there's a double meaning here (because they're in an orchard and then they go riding the donkey with a basket full of mangos).

I welcome suggestions to improve the standard English version. –Mama Lisa

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Glasceta Honeyghan for contributing this song. Thanks to Purabi Khisa for sharing her mango tree photo. It was taken in Bangladesh.

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