Can Anyone Help with the Jamaican Lullaby “Hush Mama Baby”?

Victoria Mckenzie wrote:

Does any one know the words for “hush mama baby” please, because my mum sings it to my daughter and it makes her fall asleep.

All I know is…

Hush mama baby, mama gone to market
To buy a frock for mamas little girl.

It’s from Jamaica.

Hope that can help.


If anyone can help with this lullaby, please let us know in the comments below.


Mama Lisa

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2 Responses to “Can Anyone Help with the Jamaican Lullaby “Hush Mama Baby”?”

  1. Aya Says:

    I’m familiar with that song

  2. Jane Roman Pitt Says:

    HI Lisa,

    I found more of this song in Kathy Henderson and Pam Smy’s beautiful book of lullabies. Here are the words (without repeats)…

    Hush baby hush
    Mama’s gonna market fe buy Coco Cola,
    Hush lady hush,
    Papa’s gonna bush fe go look the wood
    So Mama soon come with sweet sweet candy . . .
    Pas the nipple bottle, let me give you feedin so
    Hush lady hush . . .
    Catch up the fire, put on the pot,
    The Mama come back, your belly will be full
    Hush baby hush . . .

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