Does Anyone Know a Song about Leroy and a Papaya Tree?

Angelica wrote:

We use to sing a song in school (1940s) with lyrics that went like this….”Leroy Leroy my boy be careful what you do, the tall papaya tree is much too high for you….so bring your basket down before you get a fall…”

Have you heard of it?

I sure would like it on CD.


If anyone can help with the lyrics or origins of this song, or if you know where to buy it on a cd, please let us know in the comments below.


Mama Lisa

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8 Responses to “Does Anyone Know a Song about Leroy and a Papaya Tree?”

  1. huub de Vriend Says:

    It’s the song ‘leron leron’ from the filipines as published at mama Lisa’s website.
    I’ll send a midi file and a score of it.
    Huub de Vriend

  2. TomE2 Says:

    I learned that song about Leron and a papaya tree about 1956 at Pearl Harbor Kai elementary school in Hawaii. This is by memory. I might have reversed “trunk” and “branches.” I learned the Filipino words too but I would make a mess of that by now. We had a large papaya tree in our yard but it was plenty strong enough for me to climb.

    Leron Leron my boy,
    Be careful what you do.
    The tall papaya tree,
    is much too high for you.
    The trunk is far too thin.
    The branches are too small.
    So bring your basket down,
    before you get a fall.

  3. Robert McCormack Says:

    I recall singing that song in the fourth grade at Cherry Tree Grade School in WV in 1949 – 1950. The two room school included grades 1 & 2 in one room and grades 3 & 4 in the other room. That particular year the school we fed into was overcrowded so the fifth grade joined grades 3 & 4 at our school. The “Tall Papaya Tree” was a part of the 5th grade song book and I was delighted to be exposed to that beautiful little melody. Going from “Ten Little Tadpoles Swimming in a Pool” was quite an exciting advancement for me. It sill haunts me to this day.
    Robert McCormack

  4. Bruce Strand Says:

    I learned that song in the fifth grade, in 1950-1951 in Lubbock, Texas. Because the song was so short, we always sang it twice in succession. The music teacher accompanied us on a pump organ. The songbook had an illustration of a boy in midair falling from the tree. TomE2, above, got the words exactly as I remember them.

  5. James Phillips Says:

    We sang that song around 1956 in elementary chorus at Alexandria Elementary School, Alexandria, Alabama.
    Leroy, Leron my boy,
    Be careful what you do.
    The tall papaya tree,
    Is far too high for you.
    Thr trunk is much to thin,
    The branches are to small,
    So bring your basket down,
    Before you get a fall.

  6. Carol Achtman Says:

    I learned this song in 1950 at South Side Elementary School in Ft. Lauderdale. You can find it in the book “New Music Horizons” grade 5 copyright 1946 by Silver Burdett Company. I got my 2 copies of this book by searching

    I also especially like another song from this collection, “A Thwarted Romance”

    When night was glamorous
    A fellow amorous
    Went out to woo
    A pretty little maid etc.

    This song was recorded a few years ago by Peter Berryman

  7. Jake Baker Says:

    Oh tall papaya tree
    You are so straight and high
    Will you not take from me
    A message to the sky?
    Pray tell the golden sun
    I thank him for his light
    And when his work is done
    I’d like to say Good-night.

    Oh tall papaya tree
    You are so strong and proud
    This message take from me
    To any wandering cloud

    We sang this song in my elementary school in Rochelle, Illinois about 1962-1964.

  8. Modesta Marceleno DeLeon Says:

    We used to sing this song when I was in 3rd grade at Benito Juarez Elementary in West Dallas. Our teacher was Mrs Bobbitt. I have never forgotten it as she was one of my favorite teachers. Circa 1948-1949.
    Leron, Leron my boy
    Be careful what you do
    The tall papaya tree is much too tall for you
    The trunk is much too thin
    The branches are too small
    So bring your basket down
    Before you get a fall.

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