Jamaican Folk Dances

imageI recently came across this short video (below) that shows some interesting styles of Jamaican Folk Dances.  Here’s a breakdown of the dances you’ll see…

1. Ring Games – Danced in a circle – These were traditionally played and danced by adults and children alike. Though today, they’re more for children.

2. Maroon Dances – These dances come from the descendants of slaves who freed themselves and established communities in Jamaica.

3. Quadrille – This was originally a ballroom dance from Europe. The gentry danced it in Jamaica during the time of slavery.  It’s performed by four couples in a square or rectangular formation. There are two types of this dance in Jamaica – the Ballroom Quadrille (European) and the Camp Quadrille (Creole version).

4. Maypole Dance – This comes from Europe where it was originally danced on May Day (May 1st) as part of a fertility celebration.

5. Dinkimini – A dance from Africa, originally performed after the death of someone to help try to lighten the mood of the bereaving family.

6. Brukins – A traditional dance originally performed in celebration of the emancipation from slavery on August 1, 1838.

You can see samples of these dances in the video below…


Mama Lisa

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3 Responses to “Jamaican Folk Dances”

  1. Omalone1 Says:

    Gwiz it seems these are white dances adapted by black people so I am weary about referring to them as traditional

  2. Sharon Says:

    Looks like the video is not available today (1/28/19).

  3. Lisa Says:

    Thanks Sharon, I changed the video.

    Omalone1 – There’s a mix of styles in the video above.

    You can read more about Jamaican Folk Dances.

    Would anyone like to share any more info on this subject?

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