Can Anyone Help with the Jamaican Version of Little Miss Muffet?

We came across this Jamaican version of the nursery rhyme Little Miss Muffet. We’d love to know if anyone from Jamaica is familiar with it? Here are the words in Jamaican Creole (aka Patwa):

Lickle Miss Julie
Kotch pon ar stoolie
An nyam wan ripe Bombay;
Den bredda Anancy
Come frighten de pickney
An tief de ripe mango away.

Also, can anyone provide a translation and/or recording? Please let us know in the comments below.

Thanks in advance!

Mama Lisa

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4 Responses to “Can Anyone Help with the Jamaican Version of Little Miss Muffet?”

  1. CNS Says:

    I haven’t lived in Jamaica for over 30 years, but I did not learn this growing up. I can translate, though:

    Little Miss Julie
    Sat on her little stool
    And ate a ripe Bombay (a variety of mango)
    Then Brother Anancy
    Came and frightened the child
    And stole the ripe mango away

  2. Mark Nugent Says:

    Little Miss Julie
    Sat on her stool
    And ate a ripe mango (of the Bombay variety)
    Then Brother Anancy (the spider – man)
    Came and scared the child
    And stole the ripe mango from her

  3. Lisa Says:

    Thanks! Did anyone else grow up with it?

  4. Tavia Says:

    I did not grow up hearing this but I was born in the 90s so a lot hasn’t been passed on by then and even worse now. I do know that persons are doing Jamaican versions to many “famous” and traditional nursery rhymes as a book series or poems. Just like the patwa version of The Lord’s Prayer. We don’t grow up learning it but it exists. Hope this helped shed some light!

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