Can Anyone Help with the Caribbean Song "Emma Let Me Lone"

We’ve been asked for help finding the full lyrics to a Caribbean song called, "Emma Lemme (Let Me) Lone".  Here’s the info we have so far:

Beau wrote: "…looking for a song that I sang in Elementary School – it’s a Caribbean song I think, goes something like "Emma lemme ‘lone, let me lone! Me no marry yet let me lone".

Tim wrote: "I was singing this song to my wife today and she didn’t recognize it either. It was:

‘Emma lemme lone lemme lone.
Me no marry yet lemme lone. (x2)
When we marry DA bell gone ring.
When we marry DA bell…’

Then Something something."

If anyone can help with more lyrics to this song, please let us know in the comments below. We’d also love to know where it’s sung.


Mama Lisa

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13 Responses to “Can Anyone Help with the Caribbean Song "Emma Let Me Lone"”

  1. Michael Says:

    I used to sing this song in my First Grade class back in 1974!

    This not easy to remember, but I think it’s “…shall go blow.” Strange, I know…


  2. Karen Olsen Says:

    I think the middle part goes

    ‘When me marry then bell go ring;
    When me marry oh shell go blow”

    Then the first two lines repeat…

  3. Wesley Says:

    I’m 51 years old and I remember singing that in elementary school too. One of the verses goes something like this as I can remember. When we marry you bells shall ring when we marry you shall go Blue.

  4. Teresa Says:

    I remember this song from grade school, I believe it was, when we marry da bells go ring, when we marry da horn go blow

  5. Carol Lewis Says:

    I know it as Bo Bo ,not Emma……
    When we marry dem bell go ring,
    When we marry dem shells go blow

  6. Doug Sykes Says:

    1st Grade in Norfolk NE. I remember it going:

    “Emma le’ me ‘lone, le’ me ‘lone
    Me no marry yet, le’ me ‘lone (2x)

    When me marry oh bell go ring
    When me marry oh shell go blow

    Emma le’ me ‘lone, le’ me ‘lone
    Me no marry yet, le’ me ‘lone”

    I’d like to find a recording or something. Let me know if you find one!

  7. Julie Davis Says:

    Yeaaaahh…I was singing this today. It was from my middle school music book. The book series had a treble clef in the cover and were a different color, depending on the grade. It had an accompanying record LP so we could sing along against our will. Other hits from that series include:
    “Wooosha, tuh tuh tuh tuh tuh tuh uuuuuuuuuuhhhhhh” and “and he bared his breast and he sank in the tide and he bored three holes in the old ship’s side to sink her in the low down lonesome low” and a boring version of “The Sloop John B.”

  8. Destiny Armstrong Says:

    Ok I came here for the same reason. I hope others will find this useful. Another song I remember singing with these. Also I was in 1st grade in 1992. I think I may be a little younger than some of you. My music teacher just had good taste in kids music!

    How about: “there’s a hole in my bucket, dear Liza dear Liza, there’s a hole in my bucket, dear Liza a hole…

  9. Deborah Reyes Says:

    I sing the first few bars when my cat wakes me up because she’s hungry.
    Learned it in 3rd grade, 1976.

  10. CD Says:

    Shell go blow :) As is tradition in some Caribbean ceremonies.

  11. CD Says:

    “Shell go below“ as his tradition in some Caribbean ceremonies

  12. Sklent Says:

    “Shell go blow” refers to the blowing of a conch.

    And I learned this song in grade school as well in the early 80s in Montreal, from my teacher who was originally from Barbados.

  13. Joel Alexander Says:

    I remember this too! We sang this at Spruce Elementary School in North Tonawanda, New York!

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