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Canción infantil
Children's Song

Pinpón es un muñeco
de trapo y de cartón
Se lava la carita,
con agua y con jabón
Se desenreda el pelo
con peine de marfil
Y aunque se dé tirones
no llora ni hace así "buh".

Pinpón dame la mano,
te quiero saludar
Hoy quiero ser tu amigo
Pinpón, Pinpón, Pinpón.
El payaso Plin Plin
El payaso Plin Plin
Se pinchó la nariz
Y con un estornudo
Dijo fuerte achís.

Pinpon is a boy doll,
Made of rag and cardboard.
He washes his face,
With water and soap.
He untangles his hair,
With an ivory comb,
And though he pulls hard,
He doesn't cry, nor does thus, "Boooh!

Pinpon, give me your hand,
I want to greet you.
Today I want to be your friend,
Pinpon, Pinpon, Pinpon.
Plin Plin, the clown,
Plin Plin, the clown,
Pricked his nose*
And when sneezing,
He said a loud atishoo!


*"Se pinchó la nariz" means he pinched/pricked/stung his nose with something sharp like a needle.

There are different versions of this song and also different spellings of "Pinpón" (i.e Pimpón, Pin Pon…).

Note: According to "Pin pon" canción infantil cubana que cantó Jorge Guerra en la TV chilena a los niños, the character of Pin Pon from Cuban TV came from the children's song - not the other way around.

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Anna Carina Morales Peña for contributing this song. Translation and midi by Monique Palomares.

¡Muchas gracias!

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