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Jane and Louisa (Folk Song)  Midi

English Dialect


Bell a Ring a Yard (Folk Song) MP3
Sly Mongoose (Folk Song)  

Jamaican Creole


Brown Girl in the Ring (Circle Game)  Midi
Linstead Market (Folk Song)  
Mango Time (Folk Song)
Mango Walk (Folk Song)  Midi
Moonshine Tonight (Folk Song)
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Here are some of Mama Lisa's recent posts about the music, culture and traditions of Jamaica:
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    Toby Salmon from the band Kinkajous was kind enough to share a recording of the Jamaican song Mango Time with us.  The recording comes from his new cd called Nursery Rhymes by The Kinkajous. The cd features a collection of 30 nursery rhymes with Caribbean flavor made for little ones and grown ups. Here’s Kinkajous... Read more »
  • Sadie Campbell wrote on the Mama Lisa’s World Facebook Group asking for help with a Jamaican game song.  Here’s what she wrote: I came across your Web site a few minutes ago and was led to this FB page. I was looking for the words we used to recite as children while playing a certain Jamaican... Read more »
  • Victoria Mckenzie wrote: Does any one know the words for “hush mama baby” please, because my mum sings it to my daughter and it makes her fall asleep. All I know is… Hush mama baby, mama gone to market To buy a frock for mamas little girl. It’s from Jamaica. Hope that can help. Thanks! If anyone can help with this lullaby,... Read more »
  • Angelica wrote: We use to sing a song in school (1940s) with lyrics that went like this….”Leroy Leroy my boy be careful what you do, the tall papaya tree is much too high for you….so bring your basket down before you get a fall…” Have you heard of it? I sure would like it on CD. Sincerely, Angelica If anyone can... Read more »
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    In addition to this blog, I also host Mama Lisa’s World. Mama Lisa’s World is a large collection of children’s songs and rhymes from countries all around the globe. Matt, a music teacher from Rhode Island, wrote a question to me, the other day, about Mama Lisa’s World: Hey Mama, I love the concept of your site.... Read more »

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