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The Butterfly (Christmas Song)  
I Threw a Stick at a Cat (Nursery Rhyme) MP3
Wicker Basket (Dance Song) Midi  
Clap, Little Hand, Clap (Clapping-hands Rhyme)  
Lipstick (Hand Clapping Chant)  
Arrival of the Shepherdesses (Christmas Nativity Play)
Circle, Little Circle (Circle Game)  Midi  
Slaves of Job   Midi  
I Am Poor (Nursery Rhyme Game)  Midi  
My Little Snack   MP3  
Sleep Baby (Lullaby) Midi
Lollipop   Midi
I Stepped on a Pebble (Hand Clapping Chant)  
Samba Lele   MP3 Midi  
If This Street Were Mine (Traditional Song)  Midi  
Tutu Maramba (Lullaby)  
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Here are some of Mama Lisa's recent posts about the music, culture and traditions of Brazil:
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    Watch Darth Vader say, "I am your father" to Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars movie in 20 different languages (as dubbed in the movies).  You can see a list of the languages with their voice actors below the video. Languages and Voice Actors: English (Original) – James Earl Jones Spanish (1980) – Isidro Olace […] Read more »
  • Here’s a video to hear animal sounds around the world... Bow Wow Meow – Animal Sounds in Different Languages from properniceinnit on Vimeo. The languages are: English, Mandarin, French, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, Hindi, Canadian-French, Romanian, Japanese, Russian, Dutch, Bengali, Brazilian-Portuguese, Colombian-Spanish, Swahili and Mongolian. Enjoy! Mama Lisa Read more »
  • This Christmas song was sent to us from the Portuguese archipelago of the Azores.  It’s sung throughout the Portuguese speaking world. The carol starts with a child leaving his shoe on the windowsill outside. In Portugal, children do this for the Epiphany (the day that celebrates the Three Kings’ visit to Jesus). Children leave straw […] Read more »
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    The Tale of The Girl and The Fig Tree is an old Brazilian tale called A menina e Figueira, in Portuguese. There’s a popular Brazilian kids song that comes from this story called X, passarinho (Shoo Little Bird). Here you can read the tale in English… Tale of The Girl and The Fig Tree Once […] Read more »
  • Amber wrote: Hello, I was wondering if you knew any titles of children’s books that are written in Portuguese? I teach a class of two year olds and one of my students has a birthday coming up soon and I want to get her some books. She’s from Brazil and speaks Portuguese. Of course I […] Read more »
  • Jeringonza (aka jerigonza) is played in Spain and throughout Latin America. It’s also found in Portuguese speaking Brazil and even in Italy. It’s a secret language for kids – just like the English word game Pig Latin. (I’m going to make all the changes to the words in bold below to help you learn how […] Read more »
  • Cyndi wrote asking about a rhyme from her grandmother… Lisa, My grandmother always said the same nursery rhyme. She has recently passed away and I would love to know what it means. Words (I am not sure of the spelling), this was not an English rhyme. It is believed to have been Portuguese, but I […] Read more »
  • Ellen wrote: I’m looking for the origin of a song entitled “Sambalale.” It’s about a boy who is a show off and is trying to get a mango out of a tree. Raffi credits it to Brazil but I can’t find anything on this. It’s one of my preschool favorites. E. Harold-Stein If anyone can […] Read more »
  • Teresa wrote: I would love to buy a cd with all those Portuguese nursery rhymes. I have been trying to search on the net and I just can not find anything. Any ideas on how to get the cd with songs featured in your home page. Thanks Teresa I found a couple of Portuguese Children’s […] Read more »
  • I received this note yesterday: Hi, I was wondering if anyone could suggest a nursery rhyme, song or quite from a classic children’s book that is in Portuguese. I am doing my sister-in-law’s baby shower invite and would love to put something like this on there, in her language. Thank you If anyone can help […] Read more »

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