Does Anyone Know the Brazilian Song called Hey Dumba?

We recently learnt about a song called “Hey Dumba” and were wondering if anyone from Brazil can confirm that it’s sung there? Is it a nonsense song or does it have any meaning? Here are the lyrics we found:

Hey dum ba di ay
Dum ba di ay
Ya ba dum
Ay ya ba dum
Hey ya
Hey ya
Hey yala la la

Here’s a video of a class performing it instrumentally…

Please comment below if you know anything about this song. Thanks in advance for your help!

-Mama Lisa

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4 Responses to “Does Anyone Know the Brazilian Song called Hey Dumba?”

  1. Tatiana S Cunha Says:

    Olá! Sou do Brasil, e.nem de longe esta música é brasileira!
    Essa sim, é uma canção de ninar brasileira: tutu marambá.
    Tutu é um “bicho papão”, e o tutu mostrado no vídeo é o Chibamba. Ele devora as crianças que não querem dormir, ficando.em.cima do telhado para assusta-las!


    Hello! I’m from Brazil, and by far this song is Brazilian!
    That yes, it’s a Brazilian lullaby: tutu marambá.
    Tutu is a “bogeyman,” and the tutu shown in the video is Chibamba. He devours children who do not want to sleep, staying on the roof to scare them!

  2. Lisa Says:

    You can find Tutu marambá on Mama Lisa’s World!

  3. Joyce Souza Says:

    Never heard this song, but i’m from Rio, it could be from the state of Bahia, I’ll ask a cousin who lived there. It sounds as an African language to me, the slaves spoke more than one language or dialect, depending on the place they came from.
    Yáyá means lady comes from senhora, sinhá…
    Actually the roach song was when I was little Sinhaninha see
    It goes:
    Sinhaninha diz que tem
    Sete saias de balão
    (Sinhaninha diz que tem
    sete saias de balão)
    É mentira ela não tem
    Nem dinheiro pro sabão
    (Hahahahahaha nem dinheiro pro sabão)

    Sinhaninha diz que tem
    Um sapato de fivela
    (Sinhaninha diz que tem
    Um sapato de fivela)
    É mentira ela não tem
    O sapato é da mãe dela
    ( Hahahahahaha o sapato é da mãe dela)

    Sinhaninha diz que tem
    E muita gente vai dizendo
    (Sinhaninha diz que tem
    e muita gente vai dizendo)
    E assim com essa conversa
    Muita gente vai vivendo
    (Hahahahahaha muita gente vai vivendo)

    Quando alguém disser
    Que tem ouro em pó e é rainha
    (Quando alguém disser
    que tem ouro em pó e é rainha)

    Cuida bem se ele não é
    Parente da Sinhaninha
    (Hahahahahaha parente da

    Sinhaninha means Sinhá Aninha, comes from Senhora Ana, Mrs Ann ( Aninha is Little Ann)
    Miss was Sinhazinha, Little Sinhá
    So , Sinhá was their Mistress, their Owner, afterwards their Employer, The Lady of the house.

    I think because of that they’ve changed the lyrics for Roach, Barata!

    I have some piano sheet music if you would like it.

    Some of our songs are similar to Portugal’s songs where I live, I could find out about this as well.

    I’ve many piano books, I could have a look if there are some songs that are missing fom your list, not only Brazilian songs but other countries songs as well.

  4. Lisa Says:

    Hi Joyce, We’d love any help you’d like to give! Thanks! Lisa

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