Can Anyone Recommend any Portuguese Kids Books?

Amber wrote:

Hello, I was wondering if you knew any titles of children’s books that are written in Portuguese? I teach a class of two year olds and one of my students has a birthday coming up soon and I want to get her some books. She’s from Brazil and speaks Portuguese. Of course I want some that are age appropriate for a two year old. I have seen some online but I can’t understand the titles and I don’t know if they are good for her age. Any ideas or titles would help.

Thanks a lot,

Amber Simon

If anyone can help Amber, please let us know in the comments below.


Mama Lisa

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7 Responses to “Can Anyone Recommend any Portuguese Kids Books?”

  1. Faby Says:

    Hello I am brasilian, leaving in US for about 3 years, also I do have a son 1 year old, and expecting, I am looking online for books for him, I cannot find it, but if what you want is titles I recommend this: “A nuvenzinha sapeca, Author Nina Rocha” – “Bruxa Bruxa Venha a Minha Festa, I dont know the author” – “Turminha Esperanca em Todas as Cores, authors: Marise Tribess Lages / Leonardo Borges Lages” – “O Coelhinho Distraido, author:Inez Donati ”
    Hope that helps!
    Please let me know if you find a way to buy them online!

  2. Amber S. Says:

    Thanks so much for your help. I hope you have some luck finding the books too.

  3. Priscila Alves Says:

    I Live in Brasil, I’m music teacher and I Love the “Palavra Cantada” Cd’s they are really great, they are educacionals e they have good music taste. All the Cds are good

  4. Karen Elise Wormack Author Says:

    Hello everyone! So glad I found your site. My name is Karen Elise Wormack Author of “The Adventures of Prissy and Missy Sleepwalk Affair”. I am in need of someone to translate my multi-tilted children’s book series into Brazalian Portuguese. I was reading about the difference between the countries of Brazil and Portugual, hence I need the translation in Brazalian Portuguese. Otherwise I would simply request a Portuguese translation but it appears the language use and understanding might be a little different. I am willing to send a free full color eBook copy of the delightful story to the person available. Oh! All stories are written in poetic verse. They ryhme in English. “Sleepwalk Affair” has already been translated in Chinese. Please advise! Looking forward to your response!

    World Greetings to you!

    Karen E. Wormack Author

  5. ukulele daddy Says:

    I have recently started a bilingual Portuguese/English blog to help parents in my son’s dual language 1st grade classroom find stories to read out-loud in Portuguese.

    I have connections with many Brazilians/educators and together we may be able to help translate your books/series into Brazilian Portuguese.

  6. Pryscilla Carvalho Says:

    Dear Karen,

    I would like to know if you already get someone to translate your book. If yes, wonderful, if not, I would love to do that. I’m a Brazilian attorney, mom of a 6 years old artistic child who studies at Montessori school here in the USA. Besides being a mom, I’m volunteer at her school, I’ve helped then with many projects releated to Brazil, especialy a dance, costumes and music for International Day Celebration, which was about Carnival – Brazil and many other countries. Right know, I’m helping them with a Program for their Summer Camp (2011, I session), which is going to be about Brazil as well. I’m also an amateur writer, I haven’t publish anything yet, but I’m working on a book, but it is a book for adults who has or had, or has or have relatives with mental illness. So, if you would like, I’ll be more then glad to translate your book “The Adventures of Prissy and Missy Sleepwalk Affair”. Please, send me and email when you can, so like that we can talk about your book, I’m intrested in it. Thank you! PC

  7. Ana Says:

    I am brazilian and I live in Uk. I would like to indicate a very very great book from Brazil . This book was written by one of the greatest writers of children’s stories in Brazil, Maria Clara Machado and the name of the book is “Menina bonita de laço de fita” and Among those, Pluft o Fantasminha (Pluft the Little Ghost) (1955), A Bruxinha que Era Boa (The Little Witch who was Good), Maroquinhas Fru-Fru, O Rapto das Cebolinhas (The Kidnapping of the Onions), A Menina e o Vento (The Girl and the Wind), O Cavalinho Azul (The Blue Little Horse), Tribobó City, and many others.
    Her plays were always a huge success among children and adults alike. She received a number of awards including the Prêmio Machado de Assis from the Brazilian Academy of Letters.

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