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A Finger Test (Finger Play)
Chinese New Year (Nursery Rhyme)
Cowboy   MP3 Midi
Drop the Napkin (Circle Game) MP3
Eight Hundred Spearmen (Tongue Twister) MP3
Good Wishes, Good Wishes (Chinese New Year Song)  
Ha ha ha   MP3 Midi
Itsy Bitsy Spider (Finger Play)
Kitten Wets the Bed (Children's Tale)
Little Fat Boy (Nursery Rhyme)
Little Swallow   MP3 Midi  
New Year is Coming (Nursery Rhyme)
Our Baby (Nursery Rhyme)
Pan and Bottle (Nursery Rhyme)
Red Dragonflies (Nursery Rhyme)
Seek a Pal   MP3 Midi
Spring Dawn (Poem) MP3
Spring Has Come (Nursery Rhyme) MP3
Sweeter Than Sugar (Nursery Rhyme)
Ten Fingers (Finger Play)
The Butterfly (Nursery Rhyme)
The Little Golden Sister (Nursery Rhyme)
The Small-footed Girl (Nursery Rhyme)
Two Tigers   MP3 Midi  
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