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Klein Klein Kleutertje
(Dutch Kids Song)

Klein Klein Kleutertje
Little, Little Toddler
Children's Song
Children's Song

Klein klein kleutertje
wat doe je in mijn hof?
Je plukt er al mijn bloemetjes af
en maakt het veel te grof.

O. mijn lieve mamaatje,
zeg het niet tegen papaatje.
Ik zal zoet naar school toe gaan
en de bloemetjes laten staan.

Little, little toddler,
What are you doing in my garden?
You are picking all my flowers,
And overdoing it.

O my dear mummy,
Please don't tell daddy.
I will go to school now,
And leave your flowers.

Please let us know if you think this video has been taken down by YouTube.


Here is an alternate translation...

Little little toddler of mine,
What are you doing in my garden,
You're picking all the little flowers,
And making quite a mess.

Oh, sweet little mummy,
Please don't tell my little daddy,
I will be good and go to school,
And leave the little flowers alone.

Kirsten says the following... "The reason for the ample use of 'little' is that the ending '-je' in Dutch means 'little', and it is often used to make a song sound sweeter. A literal translation is given. (In the 2nd translation.)"

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Carla van de Geer for contributing this preschool song. Thanks also to Kirsten Kerkhof for providing the 2nd translation.

Thanks to F. S. for the recording!

Dank u wel!

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