My New Kindle

I just got a Kindle and I love it!


The Kindle is a hand-held electronic device used for reading books electronically.  That means you can bring many books around with you.  The newest edition holds about 15,000 books.  You can also put magazine articles on it to read. 


Here’s what I love about it:

1. It’s light and portable.

2. You can highlight words to get a definition.

3.  You can make the text size bigger if you need to (like I do!).

4.  The Kindle remembers which page you’re on.

5. Often books are cheaper for it.

6.  I don’t have much room for more books in my house.  So buying books doesn’t make me feel like I’m adding to the clutter.

7.  The Kindle is the cheapest it’s ever been – now $139. 

When you download books onto the Kindle, some you have to buy and some are free.  You can download both types at the Kindle Store.

Next post I’ll explain how to get a foreign language dictionary to work so you can look up words while reading foreign language books. 

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  1. Reading Foreign Books on the Kindle with a Built-in Dictionary | Mama Lisa's World Blog Says:

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  2. Funny Hunny Says:

    Yo, I love the Amazon Kindle. The Kindle 3 is the best. This recently reforged e-reader is more flat, lighter, faster, and makes studying smoother than with any previous Kindle model. Weighing in at merely 8.5 oz.s, the cool configured electronic e-reader is lighter than a paperback,softback,soft-cover book. It is but 1/3” thick and feels extraordinary in the hand. This new model is the most flat Kindle notwithstanding.

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