Multilingual Kids Books on the Web

I’ve been asked twice in the past week for free multilingual books.

Here’s a link I found called Books in Multiple Languages. They have English children’s books with translations in Spanish, French, Polish, Italian, Romanian, German, Chinese, Finnish, Swedish, Maori, Greek, Dutch, Farsi (Persian), Afrikaans, Croatian, Turkish, Russian, Japanese, Ukrainian, Portuguese, Arabic, Hebrew, Pennsylvania Dutch, Sloven, Indonesian, Malaysian, Hungarian, Dari, Hindi and Filipino.

If anyone knows of any other good multilingual book links, feel free to let us know about it in the comments below.

Someone was also looking for children’s books with animal sounds around the world. There’s one called Who Says a Dog Goes Bow Wow? by Hank de Zutter. You can click the link to see it on Amazon.

-Mama Lisa

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7 Responses to “Multilingual Kids Books on the Web”

  1. Ed Gawlinski Says:

    Thank you for the link to this website. What a wonderful resource!!!!

  2. Rouilla CD Says:

    Thank you so much for creating this site.

  3. Sulima Says:

    Do you know of a great website for students who want to learn to read in spanish? I need books in which my students can read and listen to. My students are in first grade. Please send me those websites.

  4. Tim Says:

    The Language Bear has multilingual books in lots of languages and there are sections for kids books, novels, and learning material.

    There’s a lot of good stuff for everyone.

  5. Monique Says:

    And don’t forget The International Children Digital Library

  6. Annett Says:

    Mama Lisa,

    Thank you for the great resource.


  7. john1 Says:


    thanks for links

    We live in NY now and my kids speak polish and english.

    Here you can find lots of polish books

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