Create Your Own Memory Game for your Kids or Students

Last week my daughter and I had to create a memory game for her homework using blank index cards.

Memory games usually have cards that have images on them. There will be two cards with the same image – so that each image comes in pairs. All of the cards are placed face down, mixed up and put into a grid pattern. You then take turns going. On each player’s turn, you turn over two cards so they’re facing up. If those two cards are a match you take them off the board, and put them in a pile in front of you. If you get a match you go again. If you don’t get a match, it’s the other players turn. You keep taking turns until all the matches are gone. Whoever has the most matches at the end wins.

Photo of a Memory Game

The game can be played with words as well as pictures. My daughter’s homework assignment was to use blank index cards to make a sight word memory game. The object, of course, was to help her learn some sight words, by playing the game. The words were: a, go, I, love, no, the & you. I had to write each word on two different index cards, so they made matches.

Photo of Memory Game

After I prepared it, we played the game. We kept it home and played throughout the week. At the end of the week we sent it into school – so the kids could play there. My daughter can now read all of those words!

I think this is a great idea. It makes a game out of learning. You could use this idea for teaching many different concepts. It could be colors. It could be uppercase letters or lowercase letters. It could be used to teach other words. The list is endless.

My only problem is that my daughter has an excellent visual memory. So when I play memory games with her that have a lot of cards, the competition’s tough, and I often lose! Maybe these memory games are good for adults also – to help us exercise our failing memories!

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4 Responses to “Create Your Own Memory Game for your Kids or Students”

  1. Troy Says:

    I completely know that feeling! Whenever I play memory games with my students, I am amazed at how easily they can remember where they saw certain cards…meanwhile, I have no idea what a card is within a few seconds of it being turned back over–at which point I pretend to pretend that I don’t know!

  2. Gayan Says:


  3. jenna Says:

    Nevre mind, I didn’t get the point of the website, now I do ! I read it over! This was a raeally good idea! What a great way! I know what you are talking about!

    Love Ya!

  4. Match The Memory Says:

    There is a similar game that you can build yourself on a web site called You upload your pictures and choose fonts and colors, and the site does all of the work to create cards with your personalized text.

    But it’s not just for printing your custom memory game — anyone can also play the game online. There are cute sound effects, and you can add a specific message that pops up with each match. My young daughter loves to play the games and find the photos of her friends and family members.

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