Images of Earth and the Earth Flag

Recently I’ve been coming across images of the Earth Flag. It’s the photo below of earth, on a dark blue rectangle. It’s very cool looking and I thought it was an excellent idea. It could be a symbol that we’re all united under the banner of earth – not by a government. That we could all feel proud of it no matter what we believed. Just by the mere fact that we all live on the same globe.

Image of Earth from Space

Today I found out that the flag is copyrighted. That seemed to go against the whole idea I had been imagining of an Earth Flag that belonged to everyone. Now it was just something for profit. I don’t understand how it was allowed to be copyrighted. The earth on a flag seems like such a general use of an image.

But I did learn one thing that makes me happy. The image of earth itself (which is incorporated as part of the copyrighted flag) is public domain. It comes from NASA and they seem to make many of their photos freely available for anyone to use.

At least we can feel good that we all have access to images of this great green earth!

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