A Taste of Japan in the US – Yuzu

imageYuzu is a citrus fruit they enjoy in Japan especially near the Winter Solstice and the New Year

I’ve never seen the actual fruit here to try it.  But today I found a Yuzu drink you can buy at the American chainimage store Trader Joe’s.  You simply empty a packet into a cup, add hot or cold water (your choice) and stir… 



And that’s all it takes to be able to try the taste of yuzu in the US!

Yum! This specific drink has a light sweet citrusy taste.


Mama Lisa

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  1. kumtin Says:

    Hi from Tokyo. As you said, Yuzu is very popular in Winter. I like especially Yuzu marmalade. On December 22, the Winter Solstice day, many in Japan take yuzu bath (using a whole yuzu) in an effort to stay healthy during the cold winter.

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