Can Anyone Help with a Song from the Portuguese Azores?

Sarah wrote asking for help with a childhood song that her father used to sing to her.  Here’s what she wrote…

My father died [recently]…  While rolling through memories of him & my childhood a song kept repeating.

We were an Air Force family & had been stationed at Lajes Field AFB [in the Portuguese archipelago of the Azores] when I was a small child.  The terrible rains and winds used to frighten me.  Daddy would sing me a song he had picked up while we were there to calm me.

I don’t speak any Latin language, so I don’t know what he was singing.

I can recall phonetically the words. If you could help me that would be so awesome

‘bean bean 
saw duh feen 
vad say-duh 
tia heeta 
git poosh 
ba va tha reen’

Again its in American English phonetics.

Thank you, Sarah

If anyone can help Sarah, please let us know in the comments below.


Mama Lisa

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3 Responses to “Can Anyone Help with a Song from the Portuguese Azores?”

  1. Sofia Says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Any chance you could post a bit of the melody in here? I don’t recognise the words (I understand they’re phonetically written), but if you sing them maybe we’ll recognise the tune?

  2. Mary carvalho Says:

    Here is one possiblity:

    Nico, Nico, sara nico,
    da pr’ca o teu vintem
    seja de ouro, ou seja prata
    mete a mao na tua buraca.

    You may want to check the spelling.

    M. Carvalho I am from the island you speak of.

  3. Gilberto Costa Says:

    Hi there, please check you will find portuguese songs. A project from The portuguese music association.

    Thanks for you work

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