Japanese New Years Foods and Traditions

Ayako wrote from Japan about special New Year’s traditions and the food they eat…

image"I visited my mothers home yesterday and ate osechi ryouri which is a new years special meal and went to a shrine too."

image"This is my yuzu dish I made this new year… Yuzu is a spcial citrus fruit for our winter, which has a variety of uses.

It is simple to cook, but surely adds special cheerful color for our osechi ryouri (traditional new year’s foods)."


Hatsumode (初詣) is the first temple visit of the New Year.  People make wishes for the year to come. 

Ayoko wrote, "Hatsumode is our great custom in Japan.  This is small shrine. But there was a long line to pray for good fortune for 2012."

Thanks for sharing Ayako and Happy New Year to you and your family!

Mama Lisa

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