Yuzu Fruit and the Winter Solstice in Japan

Yuzu Fruit

Ayako Egawa wrote from Japan:

December 22nd is the Winter Solstice in Japan.  [It’s on the 21st in the U.S.*]  We Japanese enjoy “yuzu” around this time.

You can enjoy “yuzu tea” and a “yuzu bath” easily.

Wash the yuzu and cut it thin. Then soak it in a little honey and sugar. 


After several hours, put the dipped yuzu in a cup and pour hot water onto it.  Now you can enjoy yuzu tea.  Drinking yuzu tea makes you hot and relaxed, in addition you can enjoy the fragrance, too.


We float yuzu in the bath, too. We call it “yuzu-yu” and enjoy it around the winter solstice.  "Yuzu-yu” makes you not only warm, but smoothes your skin!

Try and enjoy Yuzu, when you find it!

Thanks for sharing the Yuzu Winter Solstice tradition with us Ayako!  Happy Winter Solstice.  Now we can be happy in the fact that the days will start to get longer.

Mama Lisa

*According to GreenAnswers.com the Winter Solstice is at exactly the same time all around the world.  That’s why it’s on the 22nd in some places and on the 21st elsewhere.

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  2. Ayako Egawa Says:

    thanks lisa.

  3. Ayako Egawa Says:

    lisa, share it. thank you.


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