A Proverb for Candlemas

On February 2nd, Candlemas is celebrated in France every year. It’s called the Fête de la Chandeleur or Feast of Candlemas. It’s the exact mid-point of Winter.

Here’s a French proverb sent to me by Monique of the French Mama Lisa’s World. I tried to rhyme the translation for you below…

Proverb: “Que la Chandeleur soit brune ou claire, quarante jours d’hiver il reste à faire”

English Translation: “Whether Candlemas be dark or clear, forty days of winter will still be here.”

In France they make crêpes for Candlemas. Crêpes remind us of the sun, which we’re craving. Also, it is said that Pope Gelasius I, who introduced Candlemas into the Catholic Church, often gave crêpes to people who made the pilgrimage to Rome.

Check out the blog posts below for Candlemas songs, proverbs and crepe recipes (we added a recording to the Candlemas Song post below in honor of Candlemas)…

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