Lovely Recording of a Song from Benin, Africa called “Iro ye” – Plus We’re Looking for Help to Translate It!

Here’s a song we received that’s originally from Benin, Africa. The recording is by Élodie Chebat from France.

MP3 of Iro ye

Iro ye
Nou ka ye manao
Iro ye
Nou ka ye manao
Nie nou do nou de
Akbe la mio nao
So yakbe na yoma

Many thanks to Élodie Chebat for contributing the song and recording.

If anyone can help identify the language and/or help with a translation, that would be great! Two of the most common languages in Benin are Fon and Yoruba, so it may be one of these. I tried translating some words from a Yoruba dictionary, but I only found “Iro” to mean “baboon”. This could be because we’re missing accents or because it’s a different language. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Mama Lisa

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3 Responses to “Lovely Recording of a Song from Benin, Africa called “Iro ye” – Plus We’re Looking for Help to Translate It!”

  1. Céline Says:

    Hi ! I’m Celine, I’m a french teacher and with my pupils we are singing this song.

    Thanks a lot.

    PS: a music assistant told me that this song is about the rain…

  2. oceanne Says:

    This song is from the ewe community in Benin.
    This song is to any children, it was also used to bless any woman who was going to be married.
    Iro is a name so you can also take the name of your chil, your sister or somebody that means much to you…
    The song say
    What should I give ?
    I have nothing to give but I will pray for you !!!
    Your life will be good and you will have a long life…
    I hope you understand my words….

  3. Lisa Says:

    Thanks for your help Oceanne!

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