It’s Groundhog Day Today – The Groundhog Saw His Shadow, Meaning 6 More Weeks of Winter!

The significance of Groundhog Day is really that it marks the midpoint of winter. We’re halfway there folks!

Here’s the famous saying that’s told on this day…

MP3 Recording of Groundhog Saying

If the groundhog sees his shadow
We will have six more weeks of Winter.
If he doesn’t see his shadow,
We will have an early Spring.

The groundhog did see his shadow, so we’re in for the long haul. (We were anyway, so don’t feel too badly about it.) You can watch Punxsutawney Phil make his Groundhog Day Prediction for 2010 below…

While you’re waiting for the winter to pass, why not watch the movie Groundhog Day (one more time if you’re like me). It’s great fun!

Many thanks to Jason Pomerantz for reciting the Groundhog saying for us!

Stay warm.

Mama Lisa

You can read more about Groundhog Day below…

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4 Responses to “It’s Groundhog Day Today – The Groundhog Saw His Shadow, Meaning 6 More Weeks of Winter!”

  1. Uly Says:

    Two things:

    1. If you recall that the solstices are also referred to as Midwinter and Midsummer and readjust your calendar accordingly then you realize that today is actually the first day of spring. Which makes it a lot happier :) And of course Mayday is the first day of summer, and Halloween is the first day of winter, and August 1st (Lammas) is the first day of fall.

    2. I always heard that the choice is between six more weeks of winter and six more weeks of spring… which, when you sit down and think for a second, is the *exact same thing*.

  2. Lisa Says:

    I wish it felt more like Spring Uly!

  3. Uly Says:

    Well, you know, it will by the time the equinox comes.

  4. Ayako Says:

    Hi, Lisa.

    I watched a short report about grounghog cerebration in NY on our TV yesterday. It’s really new for me and looks cute. many excited.

    Today in japan, Feb 4 th means start spring on our old Chinese calender.
    Called 立春 .But now in Japan we have severre cold winter. stll now.
    and Lisa already knows March 3rd is our girls festival, called hinamaturi cerebration.
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