"This version doesn't seem to appear anywhere else. It's Scottish, sung by my mother-in-law who was born in 1921, her mother was born in the 1870's." -Wendi Davidson

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*E.g.: Daddy's gone to Edinburgh to buy Robin a bell.


Here's a variation Alysa sent that her nanna sang to:

Clap, clap handsies,
Mommy's little, little one;
Clap, clap handsies,
Daddy's coming home,
Home to his cute little bitty boy;
Clap, clap handsies,

My little, little one
Clap hands, clap hands,
Till father comes home,
For father's got money,
But mother's got none!

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Wendi Davidson for sharing this version of the rhyme! Many thanks to Alysa Wakefield for contributing the second version of this rhyme.

Thanks so much!