Fairy Songs and Lullabies


We have a little collection of rhymes and lullabies about fairies.  You can click on the titles below to find the songs.  They’re from all Ireland and Scotland.


Are You a Witch or Are You a Fairy? (Jump Rope Rhyme and Chant)

Ballyeamon Cradle Song

Fairy Lullaby

Seoithín, Seo Hó – Hush-a-bye, Baby (Irish Gaelic)


Highland Fairy Lullaby

An Coineachan – Highland Fairy Lullaby (Scottish Gaelic)

Please share any songs or rhymes about fairies that you know in the comments below.


Mama Lisa

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4 Responses to “Fairy Songs and Lullabies”

  1. paula mcwhirter-buck Says:

    i’m desperate to find a tune to the FAIRY LULLABY that you have posted. this is the only place im finding anything at all about it….but no melody.
    I really want to learn this song (is it a song?).
    is there a recording of it somewhere?
    if not….can there be???

    thank you for your time and attention.
    bright blessings

  2. Lisa Says:

    Fairy Lullaby is an English version of the Gaelic song called “A bhean úd thíos ae bhruach an t-srutháin” – which we’ll be posting on Mama Lisa’s World’s Ireland Song Pages soon with the score. Meanwhile, we added a score on the Fairy Lullaby page.

  3. Lisa Yannucci Says:

    A poem about the fairies…

    ‘Tis the Midnight Hour!
    The Moon hangs white!
    Mortal beware,
    ‘Tis Fairy Night!

    From Elfin Mound,
    And Fairy Hill,
    Comes music sweet,
    And laughter shrill!

    Mortal beware,
    For Fairy-Spell
    Lies on meadow,
    Wood and dell!

  4. Stephanie Says:

    TikTok lead me down the rabbit hole so to speak. There is a song that some of us have heard or know the words to but no one can find the source or where they know it from. These seem to be the words, any help is appreciated:

    Hush my darling go to sleep. Do not cry, oh do not weep. Only dream your precious dreams as you rest at ease. And when you will least expect, sun will bring the very best. Morning will come again and I will be near.

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