A Boy’s Song – A Poem with a Musical MP3 Recording

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Here’s a poem called "A Boy’s Song" by Scottish poet, James Hogg, with a fun musical recording by Ezwa.

Recording of A Boy’s Song

A Boy’s Song
By James Hogg


Where the pools are bright and deep,           

Where the grey trout lies asleep,      

Up the river and over the lea,

That’s the way for Billy and me.


Where the blackbird sings the latest,

Where the hawthorn blooms the sweetest,   

Where the nestlings chirp and flee,

That’s the way for Billy and me.


Where the mowers mow the cleanest,          

Where the hay lies thick and greenest,

There to track the homeward bee,     

That’s the way for Billy and me.


Where the hazel bank is steepest,     

Where the shadow falls the deepest, 

Where the clustering nuts fall free,

That’s the way for Billy and me.


Why the boys should drive away      

Little sweet maidens from the play, 

Or love to banter and fight so well,  

That’s the thing I never could tell.


But this I know, I love to play           

Through the meadow, among the hay;          

Up the water and over the lea,          

That’s the way for Billy and me.


Sung by Ezwa.


Painting by Cezanne.

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