Best-known Norwegian Lullabies and Kids Songs


I asked Siri Randem from the Norwegian language music site Barnesanger about the most popular kids songs and lullabies in Norway. This was her response:

Some people sing Bæ, bæ lille lam (a children’s song) or Mikkel Rev (similar). Everyone in Norway has heard these two in childhood. They are not "real" lullabies, however.

I suppose Gjendines bånsull as recorded by Edward Grieg is popular. Also the Swedish/Norwegian lullaby called Byssan lull as recorded/collected by the Swedish singer Evert Taube is popular and beautiful, as well as Den fyste song. The last one is still subject to copyright, I guess.

The song I’ve always heard is this: Bissam bissam baadne (Baad’n låt). A bit archaic in my version, but often popularised in newer song books.

Thanks for sharing Siri!

Mama Lisa

Painting: Hans Thoma (1839 – 1924)

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  1. D Monson Says:

    Looking for words to song in Norwegian … sung by child who laments after a spanking …

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