Geordie is a regional dialect of English. "The word Geordie refers both to a native of Newcastle upon Tyne and to the speech of the inhabitants of that city." -British Library


(1) A double row is a double row of houses with a back lane/alley separating them.
(2) A clothes prop is British English for the wooden pole that holds up a clothesline.
(3) Blinking is mild British word (like darn) that's used instead of a curse word.



MP3: Ellen Murphy-Clarke

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Thanks and Acknowledgements

Thanks to Ellen Murphy-Clarke for sharing this song, with the translation, video and recording!

Ellen Murphy-Clarke wrote, "I am a Northumbrian born lass living in Newcastle upon Tyne (Geordieland) and have been a primary school teacher here for 30 years. Passionate about music and a singer, choral conductor and multi instrumentalist. Find me on Facebook as Geordie Ginger Singer!"