Geordie is a regional dialect of English. "The word Geordie refers both to a native of Newcastle upon Tyne and to the speech of the inhabitants of that city." -British Library

"The Lambton Worm is a legend from County Durham in north-east England in the United Kingdom. The story takes place around the River Wear, and is one of the area's most famous pieces of folklore, having been adapted from written and oral tradition into pantomime and song formats.

The story revolves around John Lambton, an heir of the Lambton Estate, County Durham (now in Tyne and Wear), and his battle with a giant worm (dragon) that had been terrorising the local villages. As with most myths, details of the story change with each telling." -Wikipedia

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*The Wear is a river in England.


Lambton is an area of Washington, Tyne and Wear in England.



MP3 Recording: Ellen Murphy-Clarke.

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Thanks and Acknowledgements

Thanks to Ellen Murphy-Clarke for sharing this song, with the translation, video and recording!

Ellen Murphy-Clarke wrote, "I am a Northumbrian born lass living in Newcastle upon Tyne (Geordieland) and have been a primary school teacher here for 30 years. Passionate about music and a singer, choral conductor and multi instrumentalist. Find me on Facebook as Geordie Ginger Singer!"

Illustration by John Dickson Batten from "More English Fairy Tales."