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*Kva-kva-kva – the sound a frog makes, like rib-bit rib-bit, in English.



Literal Translation:

Croaking Froggie
Looked at herself in the pond.
Hey , how beautiful I am
Ho, how bonny I am.

Beautiful as I am,
I will go to the village
Where the horo* is winding
Let the young burst with jealousy
Let the old burst with envy.

So she went to the village
And joined the horo
The young burst with laughing
The old, too, burst with laughing.

*The horo is a chain dance (people hold hands as they dance ) that is popular in the Balkan countries.

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Tsvetomira Nikolova for contributing and translating this song.

Много благодаря
Mnogo blagodarya!