This song is in the Neapolitan dialect. It can be found as "Alla fiera di Mastro Andrè" and "Alla fiera di Sant' Andrè".


*Alamirè is a musical term. The A note (6th note of a 6 degree scale) could take different names according to the nature of the modulation of the scale. These names were "la" (A) in natural hexachord (our present C major scale), but the 6th note is "mi" (E) in hard hexacord (our G major scale) and "re" (D) in soft hexachord (our F major scale). Hence it's Alamirè in Italy. You can read more details in A general history of music from the infancy of the Greek drama to the present period by William Smyth Rockstro, 1886.

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Translated by Lisa.