Can Anyone Help with an Italian Lap Rhyme about a Baby Not Wanting to Sleep?

Tamara Chambers wrote asking for help with an Italian rhyme that you play with a baby on your lap. Here’s her note with a recording of her grandma singing it…

My name is Tamara and my Nonna used to sing a song to all the children when they were babies. We lost her 5 years ago, and her sister just recently. It was song/rhyme from Cordenons, Friuli-Venezia Giulia area.

She told me a rough translation over the years and I know it was passed down from her mother. It was about the baby not wanting to sleep, but the mom and dad had a party to go to, or something along those lines.

I have a copy of her singing it to my daughter (Listen to Recording). I am just asking if by any chance you could help me put a name to it or could help me with the lyrics? I know my great-grandma moved from Italy in 1914 to Canada. So any help would be greatly appreciated, as I miss her so dearly. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

-Tamara DePiero-Chambers

If anyone can help with the words to this rhyme and/or a translation, please comment below. We’d also love to know if it’s in standard Italian or a dialect.

Thanks in advance! -Mama Lisa

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