Can Anybody Help with an Old Welsh Nursery Rhyme?

Alexsandra wrote asking for help with a Welsh lap rhyme. Here’s her note…

Can anybody help me find an old Welsh nursery rhyme? It was an action rhyme which involved being bounced on a knee like a horsey ride. In very bad phonetics it goes as follows (I have the first line more than the others…), but the rhythmic structure below is correct…

‘ A doli per doli padink,
(Da dumdedum dumde da dink,
Didlle de doy, dodlle de doy,
Dodle dar disseye)
Dadum darcissici.’

It was from my Grandma, from the time when Welsh was whacked out of them. I would really love to know it.

Thank you, Alexandra

If anyone can help, please comment below. 

Thanks in advance! -Mama Lisa

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  1. Sheila Says:

    I have no idea if this was originally Welsh, and I only know it in English: Horsey, horsey, take me to the corner, when we get there, let the driver drop! Bounce the little one on your knee as you say it, then pretend to let them fall off your lap as you get to the end. Maybe this helps?

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