Can Anyone Help with a Sicilian Children’s Song?

Here’s an email we received asking for help with a Sicilian kids song:

My Sicilian American mother and aunts used to sing us a song that I can only say in what I’m sure are totally incorrect sounds. While rocking us back and forth on their laps they would sing in Sicilian what sounded like:

Bata giere
(Where did you go?)
a lu re
(went to the king)
ghi a vata
(Why did you go there)
a mangiata
(to eat)
pan e piscia
(bread and fish)
bebe greice, greice greice
(so baby can grow grow grow)
(while gently tickling the baby)

Proper translation to Sicilian or what they were really saying would be delightful to learn.

If anyone can help with this rhyme, please comment below.

Thanks in advance!

Mama Lisa

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